Benefits of using FAMS

Reduce fleet operating cost

Lower your maintenance and operating costs
  • Lower your fuel consumption
  • Detect and limit excessive idling
  • Limit out of shift trips (off-hours such as weekends)
  • Prevent theft by 24/7 tracking and integrated alarm systems
  • Reduce vehicle abrasion by limiting aggressive driving behaviour
  • Extend the lifetime of your vehicles by on-time servicing
  • Eliminate fuel thefts

Increase driver safety

Save Fuel
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of your drivers
  • Prevent aggressive driving behaviour
  • Detect and limit over-speeding
  • Manage and monitor work-shifts
  • Support safe and environment friendly driving

Optimize fleet utilization

Optimize processes and save time
  • Detect under-utilized vehicles
  • Make decisions quicker - through systematic review of current and future activities (trips)
  • Optimize routes and avoid unnecessary and unscheduled trips

Eliminate downtimes

Protect the environment - Green Thinking
  • Integrated preventive maintenance scheduling system
  • Service your vehicles and assets on-time to avoid any major breakdowns
  • Get remote access to your vehicle's on-board-diagnostics system
  • Get immediately notified about any error codes from the OBD2 protocol