FAMS is an in-house researched & developed platform, built on our own proprietary cloud architecture and a custom framework, especially designed and tuned to achieve the groundbreaking performance and stability it's famous for.

Available On-Cloud (SaaS) or On-Premise

Cloud deployments are quicker to deploy, enable you to stay current with automatic updates, provide independence from IT, improve usability, and lower overall cost of ownership.
Our custom cloud is hosted on the most secure data centers within Germany assuring highest data privacy in the world, protected by German law.

On-Premise deployments require more investment up-front, to include initial implementation and license fees, hardware infrastructure acquisition and maintenance costs, administrative and internal resource costs for support. However, if organization already has infrastructure in place and has a need to keep data behind the firewall for security purposes, this deployment may be the way to go.

Built on open source

We embrace open source and believe it’s the big future and the main innovation accelerator of the modern tech-world.
Why open source? Because the documented source code can be downloaded, modified, compiled and used without questions asked from the developer. This contrasts with technologies like Microsoft's .Net stack where the source code is completely closed and available only to the inner employees.

We use PHP and other open source technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, and many others. Open source software is free to use and one of the main reasons why we can offer such competitive and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Unlike many other developers, we don't have to pay major licensing costs, to companies like Microsoft and Oracle, and these savings are passed on to our clients. We don't just use open source software, we support and contribute back to the community too.

Most of the open source technologies we use, have been tweaked to achieve the maximum performance and stability. LBS Engines (Location Based Services)

The LBS Engines are revolutionary independent applications and can be called as web services through APIs by any other application. Their complete architecture, from the server hardware layer to the processing and output layer, is built and optimized for their dedicated web services purpose only. Each engine is constantly monitored and frequently improved to always assure the required messaging throughput.

As an example: our own GIS-Engine is used for running geo-located queries including road based speed limits, over-speeding, geocoding, zoning and routing. The GIS-Engine is built on the map data from OSM (Open Street Maps) which consists out of crowdsourced map data, built by a community of over 2 million registered mappers that contribute and maintain data about roads, trails, cafés, railway stations, and much more, all over the world. The OSM map data is updated daily and latest map data is released weekly. This ensures that we always have the latest data from every corner of the world.

FAMS utilizes the location based services provided by, to stay agile and to deliver incomparably fast results. M2M smart gateway

The gateway has been especially designed and developed for Connected Car devices. It solves the problem of integrating different hardware models and types into the FAMS platform. The M2M smart gateway makes FAMS hardware-agnostic, so it can integrate and support any type of M2M hardware within shortest time.

The gateway can handle a large number of concurrent device connections at a very high speed and parses the machine data into a readable JSON or XML format, which then gets pushed to the main FAMS servers for further processing.
It has a proprietary smart algorithm to ensure frequent live monitoring but at the same time not to unnecessary overload the FAMS servers. The gateway runs as an independent application on its own servers, and also monitors the server health of the FAMS servers and sends immediate alerts if needed.